Contributing Changes

The best way to contribute to the Bumps package is to work from a copy of the source tree in the revision control system.

The bumps project is hosted on github at:

You can obtain a copy via git using:

git clone
cd bumps
python develop

By using the develop keyword on, changes to the files in the package are immediately available without the need to run setup each time you change the code.

Track updates to the original package using:

git pull

If you find you need to modify the package, please update the documentation and add tests for your changes. We use doctests on all of our examples to help keep the documentation synchronized with the code. More thorough tests are found in the test directory. Using the the nose test package, you can run both sets of tests:

pip install nose

When all the tests run, generate a patch and send it to

git diff > patch

Windows user can use TortoiseGit package which provides similar operations.

Instead of sending patches, you can set up a github account and create your own bumps fork. This allows you to develop code at your leisure with the safety of source control, and issue pull requests when your code is ready to merge with the main repository.

Please make sure that the documentation is up to date, and can be properly processed by the sphinx documentation system. See _docbuild for details.