Reference: bumps.dream

Date:Nov 04, 2022
acr ACR upper percentiles critical value for test of single multivariate normal outlier.
bounds Bounds handling.
core DiffeRential Evolution Adaptive Metropolis algorithm
corrplot 2-D correlation histograms
crossover Crossover ratios
diffev Differential evolution MCMC stepper.
entropy Estimate entropy after a fit.
exppow Exponential power density parameter calculator.
formatnum Format values and uncertainties nicely for printing.
gelman Convergence test statistic from Gelman and Rubin, 1992.[1]
geweke Convergence test statistic from Gelman and Rubin, 1992.
initpop Population initialization routines.
ksmirnov Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for MCMC convergence.
mahal Mahalanobis distance calculator
metropolis MCMC step acceptance test.
model MCMC model types
outliers Chain outlier tests.
state Sampling history for MCMC.
stats Statistics helper functions.
tile Split a rectangle into n panes.
util Miscellaneous utilities.
varplot Build layout for histogram plots
views MCMC plotting methods.