Reference: bumps

Date:Nov 04, 2022
bounds Parameter bounds and prior probabilities.
bspline BSpline calculator.
cheby Freeform modeling with Chebyshev polynomials.
cli Bumps command line interface.
curve Build a bumps model from a function and data.
data Data handling utilities.
errplot Estimate model uncertainty from random sample.
fitproblem Interface between the models and the fitters.
fitservice Fit job definition for the distributed job queue.
fitters Interfaces to various optimizers.
formatnum Format values and uncertainties nicely for printing.
history Log of progress through a computation.
initpop Population initialization strategies.
lsqerror Least squares error analysis.
mapper Parallel and serial mapper implementations.
monitor Progress monitors.
mono Monotonic spline modeling.
names Exported names.
options Option parser for bumps command line
parameter Fitting parameter objects.
partemp Parallel tempering for continuous function optimization and uncertainty analysis.
pdfwrapper Build a bumps model from a function.
plotutil Pylab plotting utilities.
plugin Bumps plugin architecture.
pmath Standard math functions for parameter expressions.
pymcfit Bumps wrapper for PyMC models.
quasinewton BFGS quasi-newton optimizer.
random_lines Random Lines Algorithm finds the optimal minimum of a function.
simplex Downhill simplex optimizer.
util Miscellaneous utility functions.
wsolve Weighted linear and polynomial solver with uncertainty.